Getting in touch with my emotions, the threshold either behind me or far away..
The window to my heart’s door, made with room for one, but alone scared to stay..
Filled with regret, for letting empty space take shape in the form of misguided imagination, trying to control my thoughts to keep from attracting what I don’t want blatantly..
Take a breath, and wait and see..
That it’s all love regardless.
That I love you.

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Some things friends/family in Hong Kong have shared with me today.

The people of Hong Kong are fighting for their right to democracy, free speech, and un-censored information. Protests have shut down major parts of the city. Police are attacking protesters with pepper spray and tear gas. Tanks are rolling through the streets.

In the West, Hong Kong is often lumped together with China. Many aren’t aware of the city’s incredibly complex, diverse culture, independent of China. Don’t overlook this. Don’t sit back as China breaks the promises it made to Hong Kong, endangering the lives and freedom of over seven million people.

Spread this like fire. We may be far away, but we can raise awareness.

SO IMPORTANT. Thank you for this, Ali.

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Since Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use in January, that vote has created more then 20 white marijuana millionaires who the Government has allowed to store their millions in U.S. Banks. 

Keep in mind that there are more then 100,000 black and latino people who are in American prisons for the same simple possession and intent to sell marijuana. 


Literally learning how to grow marijuana right now for this reason. Massachusetts will have it legalized in 2016, for real.

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"I" #LoveMyself

When you’re high as fuck but need to take things seriously
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If you asked someone for their name in a dream and they told you, how would you interpret that?

Beautiful shit…




Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

good to know

Reblogging every time this goes past

When dealing with police

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<3 CIA

America uses torture. Process that.

i thought its been known that we use torture hell our tv shows laud the fact that we do you ever seen 24 hell tv tropes has a entry jack bauer interrogation technique all you need to know is if someone thought of it someone did it

if we begin to become serious about revolution, these are the exact tactics we need to train ourselves to withstand. they will be used against us if we begin to get too successful… believe that. 

Not to mention beating the shit out of you until you’re just at the point of death. Plus mind manipulation. And sexual torture/humiliation/rape.The CIA is good at that shit.
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Vintage Haiti - Woman smoking Pipe
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Acadian Flycatcher
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