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No word or flavors sugar coated,
But nothing would be sweeter than the taste of hot cocoa on your lips..
With traces of cinnamon scents on beads that tie your hips..
In a shape of a question mark which begs the question, of my suppression..
Denying myself the expression through your presence, sharing the marijuana smoke on my essence..
Can I be an open scripture for you?
Buried in the sands of time for my patience to harness the climb?
Through… deep halls of Timbuktu to Libraries of Alexandria renewed, sifting…
Light as a feather on your curves drawing cursive words and symbols..
Food to fill your mind and laughter to pull your dimples in an inchful, times the infinite we are blissful..


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In 1968, during the administration of US President Lyndon B. Johnson, Eartha Kitt encountered a substantial professional setback after she made anti-war statements during a White House luncheon. Kitt was invited to the White House luncheon and was asked by Lady Bird Johnson about the Vietnam War. She replied: “You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot.”

During a question and answer session, Kitt stated:

The children of America are not rebelling for no reason. They are not hippies for no reason at all. We don’t have what we have on Sunset Blvd. for no reason. They are rebelling against something. There are so many things burning the people of this country, particularly mothers. They feel they are going to raise sons — and I know what it’s like, and you have children of your own, Mrs. Johnson — we raise children and send them to war.

Her remarks reportedly caused Mrs. Johnson to burst into tears and led to a derailment in Kitt’s career

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Breathless (1960) Jean Luc Godard
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Listen to Laser Black Sax (Produced by Evil Needle) *EXCLUSIVE* by Paranom #np on #SoundCloud


Laser Black Sax (Produced by Evil Needle) #BloodMoon http://m.soundcloud.com/pnom/laser-black-sax-produced-by-1

*EXCLUSIVE* Laser Black Sax (Produced by Evil Needle)

Laser Black Sax (Produced by Evil Needle) *EXCLUSIVE*


Stuff you could get away with saying on a kid’s show in the 90s, part II

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Reminds me of East Orange NJ when I used to visit my aunt back when I was a child. Sideways traffic lights, dial channel black and white TV, and bead curtainz
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Opaque  by  andbamnan